Wheel Alignment Tottenham

With today’s busy roads, having properly aligned wheels for our vehicle is essential. Misaligned wheels consume more fuel and question your safety on roads. Leading Car care ensures your safety by providing you with top-notch wheel alignment service in less time.

Wheel alignment Footscray

As a well-established auto repair centre, we have the equipment, experience and expertise to help our customers across Tottenham with their wheel alignment needs. Our mechanics are trained to work on vehicles of all makes and model. So, no matter the vehicle you own, we can get your car wheels aligned to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Our Wheel Alignment Service Includes

  • Aligning Camber, caster and toe angles
  • Inspection of steering components
  • Inspection of suspension components
  • Tyre Pressure maintenance
  • Rebalancing of tyres
  • And more as per manufacturer’s instruction.

Contact us on 03 9314 9779 and schedule your appointment for wheel alignment today. We will get it done on time.