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What Your Diesel Truck’s Exhaust Color Says About Its Engine Health

Is your diesel pickup truck smoking whenever you turn it on? Any time smoke comes out of your exhaust pipe, it’s a clear sign that something is wrong with your engine. The key to figuring out the trouble is to have your truck inspected by a local diesel pickup truck expert. Here’s a look at how your auto repair technician will use the color of the smoke created by your truck to help diagnose your diesel engine problems.

Black Smoke

When your truck’s engine begins putting out black smoke, it is commonly a sign of combustion troubles caused by mechanical problems, dirty injectors, or carbon or fuel buildup within combustion chambers. When your engine is breaking down fuels into smaller molecules, it may fail to adequately produce the right byproducts, and end up with tons of carbon instead of the ideal water and carbon dioxide mixture. Too much carbon can make your exhaust smoky and dark. Having your engine inspected by a diesel truck repair technician will uncover the genuine cause of this combustion problem.

Blue Smoke

If the smoke coming out of your truck or car is blue, this is typically a signal of oil being burned within the combustion chamber. This dilemma is normally caused by worn seals, cylinders, piston rings, and other engine parts, but may possibly also result from using the improper grade of oil and fuel dilution. These issues typically require part repair or replacement by a certified diesel pickup repair technician.

White Smoke

Finally, you may observe white smoke leaving your exhaust from time to time. This is normally a fuel injection issue resulting from broken injectors or incorrect injection timing. This can also be triggered by low cylinder compression. Water within your combustion chambers can also trigger white smoke. This problem can be induced by damaged head gaskets or cylinder blocks, in which case searching for repairs from a truck mechanic is the only alternative.


Regardless of the make or model of your diesel truck. pay close attention to the color of your exhaust each and every time you turn on your truck. Being mindful of the color of your exhaust and the general noises coming from the engine can be the earliest tip-off clues to significant problems going on inside, and you’ll be ahead of the game if you get ahold of a local diesel pickup repair shop as soon as you observe your truck’s odd behavior.