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Another happy customer!

Would you please take a moment to answer the following questions so that our team can continue to better serve you when dealing with auto repair.


  1. Were you satisfied with the certified technical representative that handled your phone call at Leadingcarcare.com.au? Yes
  2. If yes what did you like most – The feeling that I had an expert on my side when negotiating with the auto repair shop; an auto repair advocate. Not only did Leadingcarcare.com.au find a great shop for my specific vehicle, they provided an informed second opinion on all diagnostics and suggested repairs. Marvin went above and beyond all of my expectations, the service he provided by price-checking and finding alternative repair options paid for the cost of a 1-year On-Car Mechanic membership 4 times over, the very first time I used the service.
  3. If no, how can we make the experience better for you next time –
  4. Was the certified technical representative quick to help you with your issue and find you a qualified repair shop ( A B C ): A+
  5. How would grade the response time of Leadingcarcare.com.au ( A B C ): A+ I received a return phone call within minutes and a follow-up email the next morning.
  6. Did the repair shop let you know what the costs would be before performing any work? YES!
  7. How would you grade the repair shop on service and quality of work ( A B C ): A. The repair shop was very careful to get my permission before performing any work. They also informed me in advance of problems they typically encounter with this type of job. I felt very informed every step of the way.
  8. Would you recommend Leadingcarcare.com.au to your friends and family? Yes
  9. If yes why –I already have. My repair job was quite extensive and the cost was considerable. No one wants to be in that position, but when you are it’s a comfort to know you have someone who is looking out for your best interest. Paying for unexpected auto repairs isn’t fun, but I accept that it’s sometimes necessary. However, thanks to Leadingcarcare.com.au’s service, I am confident that I didn’t pay for any unnecessary repairs, parts, or service hours. Perhaps more importantly, I didn’t have to spend time shopping around, getting quotes, and double-checking the shop’s recommendations; Leadingcarcare.com.au did all that. For a $99 membership fee, I get to hand my auto problems over to an expert who will save me time, money, and the hassle of dealing with car problems. The membership paid for itself the first time I used it and I get the same great service for an entire year!
  10. If no, why –
  11. Were you satisfied with the overall experience from Leadingcarcare.com.au? Yes
  12. If yes what did you like most – I was very pleased with several things; prompt friendly service, detailed explanation of problems (including pictures of worn parts), alternative repair options provided, comparison price-checking on parts and service, being updated every step of the way (including follow-up after the repairs), and advice on what additional repairs/maintenance could be done during this service to save time, money and hassles in the future. However, the thing that I found most valuable was the peace of mind I felt knowing that experts at Leadingcarcare.com.au were handling my car problems –so that I didn’t need to. I know a few handy things about cars, but I’m certainly not an expert, and with Leadingcarcare.com.au I don’t need to be!
  13. If no, how can we make the experience better for you next time –


We would appreciate any suggestions that would help you as a customer or if you would like to expand on your experience please write it here. I was very happy with the service.

  1. Lee