Wheel Alignment Footscray

Wheel Alignment FootscrayWheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is one of the most important maintenance services for your car. It helps you save on tyre replacement expenses as well as ensure your safety on the road. Proper wheel alignment also improves fuel efficiency and the car’s ability to maneuver. At Leading Car Care Centre, we specialize in this important vehicle service. Our state of the art Workshop and experienced professionals in West Footscray will ensure your wheels are properly aligned at a pocket-friendly cost.

Signs of Poor Wheel Alignment

Your car will give signs when the alignment of your wheels is not good. Some of the signs may include:

  • Your vehicle tends to pull to the right or left as you drive straight.
  • Your tyre wear may be uneven or rapid
  • Your steering wheel feels crooked when driving straight.
  • Squealing of tyres.

So How Often Do Your Wheels Need Alignment?

It is recommended that you do a wheel alignment every two to three years. Alignment is also needed every time a tyre is replaced. Vehicles with wider wheels may require to be aligned more often. This frequency also applies to vehicles driven on rough roads. You are however required to go for alignment every time you experience the symptoms listed above.

Why Should You Have Your Wheel Alignment at Leading Car Care Centre?

Our services are of high quality and very convenient for you. With our highly experienced professionals, our wheel alignment services take a maximum of one hour. Your satisfaction and safety on the road is our priority. You can, therefore, be assured of the most efficient wheel alignment.

Ensure your wheels are well aligned to save on your fuel expense and avoid rapid tyre wear as well as avoid the dangers associated with bad alignment. Visit us today and enjoy the best service in wheel alignment.