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car detailing FootscrayCar Detailing Service

Are you looking to sell your car or to rejuvenate its appearance? Get your car detailed by professionals at Leading Car Care. We offer the best car detailing services at affordable costs. Visit our car service centre in West Footscray if you are in Footscray, Tottenham, Seddon & nearby suburbs. You will have your car back to its original colour and shape no matter the state of its body.


Our Car Detailing Services

We provide all protective and beautifying car detailing services. These services can be sub-divided into, exterior, interior and extra detailing services.

Exterior detailing

This will include washing and restoring or improving the original condition of the surface of the vehicle. The wheels, windows, tyres and all exterior surfaces of the vehicle being worked on. With our detailing services, your care will be ready for a resale in a showroom. You may also be interested in just a facelift for your normal use. You will have every detail of your car’s exterior restored.

Interior detailing

This involves thorough cleaning of the interior cabin. We also offer replacement of all carpets, vinyl and seat covers. The interior detailing ensures your car is back to the original appearance or even improved to match the modern standards. We have qualified professionals and a state of the art garage to have your car much better than it was before.

Extra detailing services

This includes other services such as window tinting, wheel paint, brake caliper painting vinyl, and sticker branding. All this is done by our experts to assure you of quality and efficiency.

Whether your car was involved in an accident and needs detailing, or you intend to sell it or simply improve it for your use, come to us. We offer the best services and are willing to work at your convenience. Your satisfaction is our driving fuel. Get in touch with us today and experience the service you deserve.