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Mistakes Create Expenses, Perfection Creates Satisfaction

Errors need maintenance and high priced mending . Maintenance tasks and fix always is done at the expense by the anyone that made mistakes early on . Perfection never need maintenance tasks – because pure .

God is Love – heavenly father made everything perfect . So thoroughgoing that even when humans abuses or abuses something and an action goes to calamity – cataclysm leads to more passion and finally in a rescue of passion and finally in spiritual progress for all.

Flawlessness cuts down price of functioning and thus makes tasks more economic . To have and provide affordable services and products , flawlessness in product is a central ingredient to good luck .

If however you are satisfied with anything less than flawless creations – you may have to renew time and again to hold your cosmoses .

Incomplete creations might require perpetual energy , never ending repairs , never ending control, constant adjustments . supreme being ‘s creation however requires furthermost efficiency and a complete perfection to forefend any wastefulness of material.

When supreme being made us to his paradigm – he gave us all awareness and God love potential to develop to his realized divine grownup prototype on our very own. Hence if we commit all our heavenly potency into all our creations – then all our existences last forever and will develop with our needs and our own spiritual progression .

To strain for perfection is an expression of love . To cope with or plan errors is the reply of lacking love . Stingy or greedy individuals create mistakes , to yield as little as possible for the foremost possible profits .

Loving individuals make flawlessness at within your budget costs to extend best welfares and pleasure for all.

Acquire supreme being ‘s teaching of love to enjoy God presence in your life time to avoid errors . our heavenly father’s direction can warn you straightaway before you even get ready for or make errors . Thus our all heavenly father ‘s guidance makes your reincarnation smooth , enjoyable and loving.

How to get quality and perfection in your life ?

  1. Remain within your limitations. Do only after having thoroughly studied what you be after to attain . Study and practice at your own expense and in your individual time rather than a using or abusing your customers as test persons .
  2. Know what one does before you do.
  3. Take all time needed to create a flawless merchandise or to master your sciences. You have all forever time.
  4. Make little tasks well within your the present possibility, rather than striving for the stars in order to impress individuals . Have client satisfaction above all in mind . Felicitous clients always come back.
  5. Mature in small steps relative to your learning and improving steps.
  6. Plan simple and little undertakings that you can successfully attain all all on your own. Avoid outsourcing to obscure 3rd party. Keep all sections of your job under your direct personal control and view . You can always modify and perfect your individual functioning but have no affect on third party working for you.