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Guide to a Smoother Car Purchasing Experience

Buying a new or used can be a painful process for many people. It is tough for people to make the important decision that lead up to the purchase of the vehicle. By using this guideline, you should be able to make the process happen easier.

You first choice that you should make is the type of vehicle that you want. This is usually fairly easy to decide on. Basically you have to decide whether you want a car, SUV, or a truck. The next step is to determine the type of those vehicles that you are interested in. For example, if you want a car then do you want one with four doors or two doors? How many people do you want to seat in your vehicle? By making these choices you will narrow your search down tremendously. Many people have a certain brand that they would like to stick to and that could be another deciding factor.

Now that you have a short list of vehicles it is time to determine the best one for you. Make a list of five things that are most important to you. One item could be fuel economy. Research each of your vehicles on your list and rank them for each of those five categories. Research is easiest done online and use consumer reviews to your advantage. The people that know the most about that vehicle are people that currently own it.

Based on your rankings that you have given your vehicles, it should be easier to determine the few that stand out. You should narrow it down to about two or three. Before you head out to the dealership make note of the price that you want to pay. Once at the dealership, you want to test drive the cars that are on the list. Don't worry about all the options that you have yet. Return home and don't make any deals just yet.

You should know the exact vehicle you want by this time. If not you need to figure it out based on your test drive, your rankings, and consumer reviews. Research everything about the car including figuring out exactly what options that you are looking for. Once you are done researching, go back to the dealership of your choice.

Now that you are prepared with your prices and options that you would like, making a deal will be so much easier. Don't fall into the trap of paying more than you want or adding options that you didn't want in the first place. You a lot of power at this negotiating table because you have armed yourself with research. Stick with your price and options and if they can't make it happen, tell them thank you and go to a different dealer. Research is the biggest advantage that you have and you will know when the deal is right for you. By being prepared you are avoiding the entire deal making that goes on and you should never feel unprepared by any offer that they give you. Best of luck with your vehicle purchases!