Car Service Tottenham

Leading Car Care Centre is dedicated to providing top quality auto repair and maintenance services to the vehicle owners of Tottenham and nearby suburbs. Whether you have come in for routine maintenance or a specific auto repair need, you will be impressed by the workmanship of our certified car mechanic team. We utilise the latest diagnostic equipment and best quality parts to repair all makes and models of cars, SUVs, and trucks. We promise you that you will receive exemplary car service at competitive prices at our auto repair facility.

Mechanic Tottenham


Our Range Of Services Includes:

Car Air Conditioning Service Tottenham:

If you notice that your car’s A/C system is not blowing cooler air, come by our auto repair centre for car air conditioning service. We have qualified professionals who can service and fix your air conditioner in no time.

Roadworthy Certificate Tottenham:

A certificate of roadworthiness proves that your vehicle is safe enough to be driven on the roads. As a licensed vehicle tester, we will inspect your vehicle and issue the roadworthy certificate if it meets the safety regulations imposed by VicRoads.

Tyres &Wheel Alignment Tottenham:

Whether you notice uneven tyre wear or your car is pulling to one side, you must get your vehicle examined by a qualified mechanic. At Leading Car Care Centre, we will thoroughly inspect your vehicle’s tyres and perform wheel alignment if necessary.

Car Detailing Tottenham:

If you would like to give a new feel and look to your car, you can rely on us for a car detailing service. We use top of the line equipment to perform precise detailing works that stand out above the rest.

Timing Belt Replacement & Dyno Tune Tottenham:

Your timing belt is a crucial piece of your engine. If it wears out, your engine will not run properly and lead to major repairs. To avoid this, you should get your timing belt inspected and replaced on a regular basis. Our mechanics have expert knowledge to provide timing belt replacement and dyno tune services.

So, the next time when you need automotive services, feel free to call 03 9314 9779 and talk to our experts.