Car Service Braybrook

If you are looking for a reliable auto repair centre in Braybrook, our team of car mechanics is here to help. Here at Leading Car Care, we are equipped to provide a wide range of automotive services to vehicle owners across Braybrook and the surrounding suburbs. Unlike many other auto repair facilities, we make it a point to provide exemplary car service solution at affordable prices.

Car Mechanic Braybrook

Our Car Services Include:

Car Air Conditioning Service Braybrook:

Air conditioning systems may lose its efficiency over time and it is highly recommended to inspect it on a regular basis. Our car aircon regas service involves the testing for refrigerant leaks, lubrication level and damage of internal components. Based on our findings, we will repair and restore the functionality of your AC system.

Roadworthy Certificate Braybrook:

We are a licensed vehicle tester and have the authority to conduct inspection and issue roadworthy certificate. Our certified mechanics assess all the safety components of your vehicle and issue the certificate when all the safety standards are met.

Tyres & Wheel Alignment Braybrook:

Tyres are the most crucial parts of the suspension system. Proper wheel alignment and regular tyre maintenance is vital for enjoying increasing fuel efficiency and comfort ride. We will help you with tyre care services such as tyre balance, tyre rotation, tyre replacement, flat tyre repairs and wheel alignment.

Car Detailing Braybrook:

If you own a classic car or a vehicle with a lot of scratches and dents, you can come by us for car detailing services. We will implement the right auto body repair techniques and make your car looking like a brand new vehicle.

Dyno Tune And Timing Belt Replacement Braybrook:

We offer dyno tune services that involve fine-tuning your vehicle’s engine for optimal performance. Our mechanics also have proper training on timing belt replacement and will get it done as a part of maintenance service or whenever it needs to be replaced.

Would you like to know more about our car repairs services? Call 03 9314 9779 and talk to our mechanics today!