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Car Reviews: 2008 BMW M6

The 2008 BMW M 6 is a stunning example of BMW craftsmanship and engineering in both the coupe and the Convertible. Both are host to the 500hp, 5.0-liter, V-10 wonder that is uniquely BMW. At 500 hp in a 5.0-liter engine, that is equal to 100hp per liter. Until now unheard of in a not-for-the-track, road-legal automobile. Priced from $99,300 to $105,100 base, it is a veritable bargain in comparison to other vehicles in it’s class.

It drives and handles like an exotic 2-seater while in actuality being a 4-passenger grand touring coupe. The M 6 can blast you 0 to 60 in 4.6 seconds and can out-race most production cars in the quarter-mile with an impressive 12.8 second time. The sexy, throaty sound of the V-10 will thrill the most experienced car fanatic, while the elegant contouring is visually stimulating to the senses as well. The ultra-high-performance is obvious even before you get in.

Once you do get in, the well-designed luxury that surrounds you is unmatched in it’s quality and ease-of-use. The cockpit is driver-friendly and entirely navigable. The controls are conveniently located and the dash is uncluttered. BMW has been refining their iDrive system and although it is not completely blip-free it is much easier to use than it past models. In the M 6 it is well worth the time to familiarize yourself with it and get acquainted with it’s use. The enviable “P500 Sport” mode is only available in the iDrive menu and gives you full access to all 500hp and maximum throttle response.

The sport seats offer strong side bolsters to support and hold both driver and passenger in place during aggressive cornering. The power tilt/telescoping steering wheel allows for personalized comfort in the driver’s seat. While the back seats are limited on leg room they are more than adequate for short trips.

The convertible is slightly heavier than the coupe, but only loses a couple 10ths of a second on acceleration times while providing the occupants the open-air thrill and added sound effects of the high-performance engine.

The 360 degree surround sound of the Logic 7 audio system is typical of BMW pride-of-craftsmanship. The 7-channel playback, anti-theft, AM/FM, CD/MP3 player includes 11 upgraded speakers with 2 sub-woofers, Digital Sound Processing, Auto-store and it displays MP3 song title and artist. Standard BMW commitment to owner satisfaction.