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A Guide to Collecting Antique Car License Plates

Collecting antique car license plates can be an interesting hobby with a wonderful opportunity to learn and socialize with other collectors, but the common question becomes how does one go about engaging in the hobby? For starters, collecting antique car license plates is far less involved in terms of the knowledge that is required than in collecting other antiques, and for this reason it is a great hobby that is very low on personal frustration. Antique car license plates are still quite available to collectors for a relatively small cost, and can be found at any number of locations ranging from junkyards to flea markets and yards sales. One of the only real problems with collecting antique car license plates is finding them in an acceptable condition due to age and poor storage by past owners.

Collecting antique car license plates is purely a matter of personal preference in that the plate a specific individual collects is entirely a matter of choice. A collector can collect antique license plates from a a particular year, state, country or attempt to collect a license plate from a particular state for every year that license plates were issued. In a similar fashion, the condition of the antique license plates collected are a matter of preference – antique license plates are graded in a number of conditions such as mint, excellent, very good, good, fair and poor and are higher in monetary value and esteem among collectors accordingly. It's always a good idea when collecting antique car license plates to start small and inexpensively until a "feel" for the hobby is obtained, and then a collector can progress in the hobby with a knowledge and confidence that will ensure that every purchase is a good one.

Collecting antique car license plates is a neat hobby in that it can be done alone as an individual or as part of a larger group of enthusiasts. There are several good online resources for collectors of antique car license plates as well as regional groups that communicate online and meet annually in person. The Automobile License Plate Collectors Association is a wonderful resource for those just starting out in the hobby. Started over 55 years ago the ALPCA has over 2,700 members worldwide and is dedicated to promoting the hobby of collecting antique car license plates, and offers a bi-monthly newsletter for hobbyists that is rich in informative tidbits to help a collector achieve their individual goals.